Easily publish your content in a clean mobile app.

MobileClip MobileClip on iPad, iPhone, Android

Create your own mobile apps for Smartphones and Tablets that can be built as easily as making a post on a blog.
You can completely customize the app structure and publish it without any programming knowledge required.

We provide the best user experience your content has ever enjoyed.

Reading your content has never been this clean on a mobile device. You can enjoy reading with the best font size and a smooth scrolling experience on both iOS and Android devices.

Now Magazines, News Sites, Blogs, Enterprise Newsletters, Sport Fansites, Entertainment Sites, Books, and more can be easily transformed into mobile apps and published for readers to enjoy.

Hanako App by Magazine House

Create Your Own Stunning App with Fully-Customizable Features

We will automatically generate a beautiful layout where you can choose to put your content in the basic media structure. We provide many beautiful layouts to populate with your content automatically, such as magazine and newspaper formats. Further more, you can apply any specific layout you like to your app and control every pixel to express your creativity and captivate readers.

Upload your icon, logo, splash image, background image with CMS / Customize the colors of every component / CSS Editing

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Get a great set of features designed to help you build the perfect app

You can use any or all features you want just by selecting them from a checkbox. One key feature is that we support both free ad-supported, and paid apps.

Available on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android, Android Tablet / The app automatically updates to support new OS and new features / Show HTML5+JS+CSS3 content directly in the app / Support in-app-purchases / Supports Apple Newsstand (Auto-renewable subscription) / Auto-build commands / Share on Twitter and Facebook support / Scrapbook features / Push Notifications / Optimized pre-fetching technology / Read content offline / Fetching RSS from existing CMS like WordPress / Broadcast videos using Youtube, BrightCove etc. / Show banner ads

How easy is it to launch my app?

Create New Account ▶  Edit Content * ▶  Preview ** ▶  Submit your App *** ▶  Launch!

* We also support fetching your data automatically via RSS feed.
** Preview your content in a web browser or in our preview app.
*** You can submit your app with your Apple Developer ID.

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